Opfordring til at stemme ja til AI Act

Sammen med over 200 andre europæiske organisationer, som repræsenterer forfattere, kunstnere, artister, avisudgivere, filmproducenter m.fl. opfordrer Danske Forlag EU's medlemslande til at stemme ja til AI Act ved afstemningen den 2. februar 2024. I fælleserklæringen står bl.a.:

Europe has a unique opportunity to show global leadership in the AI framework, for the benefit of EU citizens, creators, rights holders, industry, and the wider economy….
Doing so would foster an environment where rights and commercial freedoms are respected by simultaneously fostering the licensing of creative content to AI models – kickstarting partnership and innovation opportunities.

The introduction of such obligations with respect to generative AI is not only the right thing to do but would position the EU to help set a global standard in AI regulation. It would also be an essential enabler for the creation of value in AI and a platform for future development and innovation in the EU."

 Se EU AI ACT - Joint statement from European creators and rightsholders