Opråb fra den europæiske bogbranche: Det er nu, EU skal handle og sikre transparens i AI

I et fælles opråb fra den europæiske forlæggerforening, forfatterforening og boghandlerforening opfordres der til at sikre transparens i forbindelse med vedtagelsen i EU af forordningen om kunstig intelligens; AI Act. Forfattere og forlag har krav på at vide, om deres bøger er blevet brugt til at træne modeller som ChatGPT og Bard, ligesom der er et legitimt demokratisk behov for indsigt i data.

I opråbet står bl.a.:

”Generative AI models have been developed in an opaque and unfair way, illegally making use of millions of copyright-protected books without permission from authors or publishers. This practice impacts negatively not only rightsholders, but also democracy itself, by facilitating the mass creation of misleading, biased, and even dangerous content which has the potential to undermine European democracy. Transparency is therefore essential to the development of a fair and safe AI ecosystem…

The European Parliament has taken a good first step by proposing transparency obligations for Foundation Models, such as ChatGPT or Bard, to ensure they provide a detailed summary of the copyright-protected works used for training and operate in respect of fundamental rights. Member States and the Commission must now seize this rare opportunity to improve the proposal and finally put an end to the illegal sourcing and data-laundering abuses of generative AI developers. Transparency over inputs to AI is the only way to ensure quality and legitimacy of outputs.”

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